Tuesday, March 2, 2010

State of the Nation

I have a bone to pick with this administration.

Why do all of you, when placed in a position of power (though how little power it is) seemingly change into pretentious, authoritarian know-it-alls who think so little of their constituents.

Why do you, madame leader, choose to point out all our flaws, and refuse to acknowledge that we are even assets to what we, the members of this coordinated effort towards success, are working for.

Followers are but reflections of the leaders who guide them.

Though it seems convenient to just cut your losses and choose the next best thing, you just can't go around firing people right?

You are supposed to lead not lynch, guide not gobble up.

But yet, there is that fine line between authority and leadership.

Some are gifted with the authority, use it, abuse it, bully people around with it.

But some are in positions of leadership where you actually give and get respect. And actually respecting the people who actually look to your position is the key to getting respect in return.

Turning your people on each other is not the way to go. Lynching your very own is definitely not a good thing.

Do not destroy the people you meet on the way to the top, because you very well might meet them when you are on your way down.

The National Elections are fast approaching and we are in dire straits. We act like everything is okay, but it is not. Leadership and authority can go together, believe me.

To our fearless head of state, do recognize that your leadership hinges on the very chains that hold this motley of people together. Do not break down each weak link but rather, strengthen it.

These are random thoughts running through my sleep-deprived mind right now. Too much politics everywhere, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty of everything, it's always about doing what's right. And you get that chance to make that difference that everybody is talking about.

Until then, we all are content to follow, endure, and pretend like it does not affect us. But there was once a time when the strength of many toppled a wise dictator, and we aren't as dumb as you think we are.