Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i realize that no matter how great one wants to be, and no matter how great you become, one would still be small in the grand scheme of things.↲

in residency, i have come to realize that my teachers are my patients, my books are my consultants, and how i learn is all entirely up to me and my desire to be a better doctor, nothing else.↲

i've come to realize you can serve two masters at the same time, but should these masters go on rounds at the same time, you might as well go into the emergency craniectomy and do cardiac monitoring.↲

i realize that we as a nation should have our heads straight, if all we could muster as an internet headline is that a local fastfood chain on Glee, then i should think we have either a) we do not have our priorities straight or b) we have nothing else going for us.↲

gasp, i just realized that in the above realization, it could be both.↲

i read, in a national newspaper that voters have become wiser because most senators elected in the last elections were pro-RH bill supporters. I hate to put us down, but seriously, whose leg are you trying to pull? Are you really that convinced that the first thing that came to the voters' minds was the candidates' stand on the RH Bill? Should that have been the case, in my opinion, we'd have a better cast of senators. But, i realize, that's just me.