Thursday, May 21, 2009

On The Lighter Side...

In my last conversation with my mom, she said she got scared while reading my last entry, (somebody has to do it, ma) but she also said she had a laugh at the juicy fruit comment. Whoever says that being an ER doctor or any doctor for that matter is a cool, profitable, and easy job, is dead wrong. It often comes to the point of arduous toil, and yeah sure you get some money out of it but not often commensurate to the effort unless you get a really really big practice and it is a big responsibility to have another 's life in your hands, yada yada.

Anyway, I've posted so much about medicine, residency on this blog, I guess I'd like to turn the attention of you who read this blog (however few you guys are, hahaha), to something, well, light...


Archie finally gets to choose!

Between Betty and Veronica that is. Yup, we all read the strips once or twice, and personally I'm a fan. I read in an article linked on that publishers are gonna make him choose between girl-next-door Betty Cooper and sophisticated-sassy Veronica Lodge.

I say he really can't go wrong.

And how about:

This guy.

Kris Allen pulls off the ultimate idol upset by upending apparent favorite Adam Lambert for the American Idol crown. Not to take anything away from the cool laid-back sound of Allen whose stylings I can definitely agree with, but I'm thinking there were a whole lot of people who didn't want Adam Lambert to win, than actually voting wholeheartedly for the eventual winner. Personally, I liked Danny Gokey's voice and got to appreciate the sound of Allison Iraheta's voice, but Allen's victory definitely sits well with me.

And finally:

Good night!


Monday, May 11, 2009

ER Forays of A Newbie

Our training program here has one quirk not found in other hospitals in Cebu (or so I think) -- first year residents get to go on duty at the Emergency Room.

Yup, First Year.

The reason given to us was that it would double our exposure to ER duties, and we get to see more cases, and get experience on how to handle these patients first-hand.

I get the logic, but that doesn't make the anxiety of being alone at the desk fronting the Emergency Room doors any less stressful. It takes triple the testicular fortitude to survive and conquer the fear of what comes in through those two swinging doors. So scared am I on nights prior to ER duty that I fear and depression drives me to my knees in prayer that everything would go smoothly (but it rarely does) and that He will be with me every step, order, and IV insertion of the way.

One thing for sure though, ER duties certainly have given me so many moments:

WORST: There was one time when, the outpatient consults were endless into the wee hours of the morning and right up to endorsement time, and after I got received (the next shift comes in) I literally had to run from room to room, ward to ward, get all my X-rays and scans, ECG's to get ready for endorsement (grilling time), and needless to say, I got fried to a crisp.

BEST: Just recently, at my last ER duty, we had someone come in, in severe respiratory distress. He was brought to the hospital by two of his neighbors after they found him knocking on their door for help, all blue and air hungry. We didn't know what he had because of a really poor medical background given to us, all the neighbors knew was that he smoked and drank a lot, was admitted the year before and a handful of medications in his bag. It was a cross between respiratory and cardiac, which is which we didn't know. He flatlined for about 5 mins. We treated him as best we could and revived him to full consciousness. To see him writing his name on a piece of paper, considering he was probably walking towards whatever light at the end of the tunnel he was in, is joy immeasurable to me. Now he has a second chance to be able to make peace with a family he has left behind, and that is just gravy.

FUNNY: An order on a referred patient's chart: "May eat juicy fruit - not the gum."

SCARY: There was a time where I had no activity at the ER whatsoever for the whole afternoon of a weekend duty, the calm before the storm if you will. Then it got crazy as first an arrested patient came in, probably a massive heart attack, followed in seconds by an electrocuted patient in ventricular fibrillation (a really scary heart rhythm). Needless to say again, everybody got plenty of action and exercise that night.

DRAINING: You get to take on really demanding patients from expats who think they deserve top billing because they earn dollars for a living to aristocrats and the psychologically-off patients who think they are the only ones in the ER.

COOL: I once said that if I could not become a surgeon, I'd be the one at the foot of the bed manning a code, shouting lines like "We need an ABG stat," "Start Dopamine 400/250 at 10 cc/Hr," or "This ECG shows an ST Elevation in Leads II, III and AVF, Morphine 2 mg now, O2 at 2 Lpm, ISDN drip at 10 cc/Hr, and Aspirin now."

And now I'm getting to do that.

Maybe not as confident, not as fluid nor as collected as I make it to be, but I'm definitely working on getting there.

It's been so long since I last posted that I'll be going on another ER duty in the next couple of days, so, gulp, here we go again.